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Packaging Infrastructure


Today, our presence is conspicuous in both the domestic as well as the overseas markets. We have our own allotments in various State, Central and Private owned power plants because of our experience of not less than 3 decades in this industry. We have recently expanded our business to the Northern and Southern region of India.

So as to cater to the demand and requirements of our customers we also conduct the bagging of fly ash from the power plants. For safe fly ash disposal and evacuation from the power plants in accordance with the Environmental norms, we have installed our own bagging machines within the plants whereas in a few places we have taken godown’s and installed our own silos where we execute the bagging process.

The bags we generally use are new self-locking type bags which can each carry 44 to 50 KGcement bags. We mostly acquire new bags, so as to minimise the wastage and ensure that the handling is made convenient.

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